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Pu Erh Tea Blends: 8 Ways to Spice up your Pu erh Tea

Although pu erh tea has a history of more than one thousand years, it is by no means too old to adapt. When you drink Pu erh, we can in fact add different ingredients to spice it up. Here is a list of 8 great pairings for you to try!

Ripe pu erh with honey

As early as the Tang Dynasty, pu erh tea was sold to border areas like Xinjiang and Tibet. At that time, people drank tea with milk, salt, honey and other spices added to it.

The modern way of making honey pu erh is easy. Simply add honey to your taste in the brewed pu erh tea. It should be noted that boiling water destroys the nutrition in honey. Add honey in when the tea is somewhat cooled down to 50-60 °C.

Ripe pu erh tea and honey can be described as a perfect match: Both are nutritious and generate bowel health. In particular, the remarkable gastric protection function of ripe pu erh would counteract the irritation to stomach that can be caused by honey. It also has the effect of preventing colds.

Iced pu erh

This is a great drink for a hot summer day! Pu erh’s refreshing effect is more pronounced after being iced.

Steep the pu erh tea and wait until it is cool, then place it in the refrigerator. Drink when it’s perfectly chilled. The iced pu erh will still be full of flavour yet more crisp, gulp!

Ripe pu erh with milk

We know that black tea is good with milk, but what about ripe pu erh?

The answer is…go for it! Just add milk to you liking into brewed ripe pu erh, voila! For more detailed recipes, you can visit this article on Pu Erh Tea with Milk Recipes

As it goes down the throat, you can feel the burst of smoothness and the sweet aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. The tea and the milk enhance each other’s flavour and create a unique taste.

Pu erh with chrysanthemum

This drink can effectively and mildly clear the “heat” trapped in the body according to Chinese medicine. With chrysanthemum’s heat clearing and detoxicating effect and pu erh’s mild property combined, it is a nice drink to have when you are experiencing fever, ulcer, inflammation or constipation.

Put pu erh tea leaves and chrysanthemum in a teapot with a 3:1 ratio and brew them together. Apart from the benefits to the body, this drink has a rich, fragrant and smooth taste, totally worth trying.

Pu erh with goji berries

It is also an easy drink to make. Put pu erh tea leaves and goji berries in the teapot and brew them at the same time.

The taste of goji is subtle but definitely noticeable, which is fruity and fresh. It’s the different kind of sweetness from the aftertaste of pu erh, but they go wonderfully together.

Goji is known for its effect on improving eyesight and vision. Paired with pu erh – a great antioxidant, it is an ideal drink for students and office workers.

Pu erh with dried orange peel

This pairing is particularly suitable for people with respiratory problems.

Put pu erh tea leaves and a few grams of dried orange peel in the teapot and brew them together. The alternative is to get the orange peel pu erh which has a stronger fruity taste.

The orange peel definitely gives the drink a nice citrus flavour. Although it can also be slightly bitter, it has a very good effect on clearing phlegm and easing the cough.

Ripe pu erh with lemon juice

We make this drink by dripping lemon juice to taste into the brewed ripe pu erh tea. It is recommended to add some sugar in the drink for a delightful sweet and sour taste. It is great drink to have both hot and chilled.

Like pu erh tea, lemon juice is good for helping digestion, which makes this match perfect as an after meal drink.

Pu erh with flowers

Pu erh is versatile in terms of paring with flowers: roses, jasmine, osmanthus, lavender, etc.

Pu erh’s comforting and earthy aroma and the fragrance of the flowers complement each other, which offers a spiritual and physical pleasure.

Simply choose the flower of your preference and brew it with pu erh, create your own floral pu erh style!

Pu Erh Tea with Coffee

If you’ve ever visited Hong Kong, you may have came across a drink called Yuanyang, which is a black tea with coffee and milk. Instead of black tea, you can go for pu erh tea. In fact, the thick body of a ripe pu erh is a perfect substitute for black tea!

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  • Chris
    September 1, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Any versions of honey that anyone particularly like? I currently have blueberry and buckwheat (which has VERY strong flavor).

    I haven’t tried the blueberry, but the buckwheat honey makes a nice pairing.


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