History of Tea

Read about the truly fascinating history of tea, here: History of Tea

– read about how Shen Nong, a herbalist who discovered tea, according to Chinese myths
– how tea was distributed all around the world, and
– what the role of the East India Company in this process was.

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What is the healthiest variety of (organic) Green tea?

Often people ask me what is the healthiest variety of green tea. Don’t worry about which green tea is the healthiest, they are all in general healthy, assuming you buy them fresh. The health benefits will depend on the art of consuming green tea and knowing what tea fits you the best.

Time of the day
Green teas are the best for during the day, while in the evening you can better go for a caffeine free flower tea.

Before or after meals?
Never drink green tea on an empty stomach, this might result in stomach ache and diarrhea. Don’t listen to diet gurus, telling you this is the effect of their successful diet recipe. I work for a tea shop, but I never tell my customers that green tea is good for for everyone and ad anytime.

Do you feel cold or hot?
If you feel cold, don’t drink green teas. Black teas are much better to increase body temperature.

Summer or winter?
Related to the previous paragraph: green tea cools down your body which is better in summers, while black tea tend to increase your body temperature, which is better in winters.

In general black tea fits older people more, since they are more vulnerable to cold,

It all comes down to when you drink it, and your body condition. For more information visit: Loose Leaf Green Tea Information

I am not a doctor, when you feel sick, consult a medical practitioner. The above is my opinion/advice gained from my education and experience in Chinese teas.

I have a month to lose twenty pounds for a movie role, what is the best way to do it?

Answer by Lisa Lin:

Drink a cup of Chinese black tea after your breakfast to wake up and burn more calories during the morning. Drink a cup of Chinese green tea after your lunch increase your digestion speed and get rid of toxic in your body.

Try to plan active workouts like going to the gym or running outside in the afternoon. If you do these exercises during the evening it will negatively affect your sleep. Yoga exercises are more suitable for the evening to improve sleep quality. The deeper you sleep the more calories you burn during your REM sleep.

Drink a cup of Chrysanthemum flower tea 2 hours after your evening meal to sleep deeper and burn more calories.

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How does the time of year pine needles are harvested affect Pine Needle Tea?

Answer by William Wong:

The best time to harvest pine noodle is in spring and summer if it's a male .  in autumn and winter if it's a famale .You should pick mature trees as 3 meters high and 6 years old.Don't choose street tree which is polluted.

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