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How To Easily Make Bubble Tea At Home

While bubble tea has been very popular among teenagers in Asian countries. This is proven by the fact that even a bubble tea museum was opened last year in Taiwan. But that’s not it, bubble tea is now also making its way in Western countries with the world’s largest Bubble tea being created in Los Angeles created last year. Though it looks complicated to make, it’s actually really easy and much cheaper than buying it bubble tea store!

how to make bubble tea

1. Buy Dry Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls can usually be purchased at any Asian/Chinese supermarket. Make sure it’s ‘Tapioca Starch’ (not potato) as they taste better! What you will be surprised how cheap they are and you will start wondering why bubble tea stores sells it for premium prices.

2. Dissolve Sugar in Hot Water

Because bubble tea is a cold drink, sugar doesn’t dissolve in it. That’s why you have to dissolve the sugar in hot water first. For one cup of bubbles, you need to use one cup of water and half a cup of sugar.
sugar water bubble tea

3. Boil The Pearls

For 1 cup of dried bubbles (good for several drinks), use 6 cups of water. Keep stirring until they float to the surface. Afterwards, turn the heat lower and cook the bubbles covered for about 20 minutes. Make sure to stir every 5 minutes. At last, turn of the heat and wait for 25 minutes before the bubbles are ready.

4. Rinse The Bubbles!

Rinse the bubbles/pearls like this:
rinse bubble tea

5. Soak The Bubbles In Syrup

Soak the pearls in the syrup you created in step 2 for 15 minutes.

5. Be Creative & Mix

Now it’s all up to you. The original bubble tea is a mix of pearls, black tea and milk. But you are free to choose other types of tea such as oolong tea or green tea a well. Besides, that be creative with other ingredients! Try it at home and share with us your creations!

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