There’s No ‘Best’ Tea & Other Tea Wisdom

You’re having a nice cup of tea with mellow liqueur and subtle aroma. It starts off bitter, but then the delicate sweetness comes after and lingers in you mouth. As if Spring water is coming out from under your tongue. You feel comforted and relax. Congrats, you’re now addicted.

For tea lovers it’s easy to fall in love with a certain kind of tea, and addiction will follow. If you haven’t, it’s likely because you haven’t found the tea that suits you the best.

The Diversity of Tea

Tea comes in thousands of varieties: different mountains, different cultivars, different flavours and different ways of preparation.

Even the same type of tea from the same village can be entirely different if the picking method, roasting timing, and temperature isn’t the same.

Good tea, good maker.

The tea from the same hill can taste different from one another if made by different tea farmers.

Putting all these different aside, there’s one important rule for good tea: No tea can hide behind its famed origin. Good tea must come from a good tea maker!

There’s No Winner Takes All

In the world of tea, there’s no such thing as ‘the winner takes all’. This is exactly the reason why there’s such an amazing diversity of different teas. Each person’s taste buds are distinctive with different requirements of the mouth feel. The same tea can be sought after by one tea enthousiast and disliked by another.

Some tea drinkers like bitter liqueur with sweet aftertaste, others prefer pure and fully fragrant tea. Some fixate on heavy smoky scent, while others dislike any hint of bitterness.

There’s no ‘best tea’.

In other words, every kind of tea has a different fan base. When you say no, another says yes. In conclusion: There is no best tea in the world, but the tea that suits you best!

Discover Your Way of Preparation

What makes this even more interesting is that everyone has their own way of brewing. Real tea enthousiasts don’t prepare tea based on the instructions on the packaging. They’ve in fact already discovered their favourite steeping time, temperature, tea utensils and even choice of water for specific teas.

Even the mood of the brewer may determine the taste of the tea. Tea brewed when the brewer’s mood is bad is different from tea brewed when the mood is good. This is the magic of tea, like a kaleidoscope, you see different things from slightly different angles.

Price Doesn’t Matter

To find a good cup of tea that suits you, you don’t need to blinded by the price. Good tea is not necessarily expensive, expensive tea is not necessarily good for you. Take teas as they are and the fate will lead the right one to you.

Life is all about experiences. The most precious things in life are the ones suit you the best!

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